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mycollegedegreefast Affiliate Program

The mycollegedegreefast affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for affiliates to earn commission while helping people earn their college degree faster, easier, and for less money. Our affiliate program carries a 120-day cookie, meaning you earn commissions on all subsequent sales from your customers for the next 4 months!

Payment Structure
Our payment structure is quite simple. For every customer that clicks on our banners or text links on your Web Site and opts to buy, you earn 50% of the purchase price. 

Affiliate Program Details

  • Earn 50% commission
  • Established 3rd party network
  • Parasite free program
  • Cookie to ensure you get sales credit (6 month for E-Junkie, at least 60 days for ClickBank
  • Accountable and proactive affiliate management team

Our Standard Affiliate Program

ClickBank Affiliates

We also have a Clickbank program available. While it doesn't have the features and benefits (a 60 day cookie vs. a 6 month cookie) of our regular program it is a great choice if you already are a Clickbank affiliate.

Our ClickBank Affiliate Program