Educational resources for the 21st Century

List Of Recommended Web Site Resources

College Level Examination Program (CLEP): These are probably the best known of all examinations for credit. They are often used by students in traditional degree programs to test out of some of their lower level classes. For the distance learner they are a great way to earn credit. As an added bonus they are highly accepted by most colleges so the credits will transfer. Note: all CLEP credit is lower level (freshman and sophomore)
DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST): DSSTs are another common exam for credit. They were originally designed for military personnel working on their college. They are also available to civilians and are also highly accepted by most colleges. DSST exams offer a wider range of subjects than CLEP and cover most of the core business topics. Note: while most DSST credits are lower level they do have several exams that will earn you upper level credit.
The Teaching Company: Ok, this company is too cool. While none of their videos will earn you college credit they are a great learning tool. The Teaching Company hires the top teachers to do in depth courses. These courses are often the same (or better) than what you would get if you actually attended class. Since the instructors are world class it creates a fantastic (and fun) learning tool.
These videos are marketed to adult learners who don't have the time (or inclination) to go back to school. Though students are not their primary market these videos make passing classes and exams much easier. I've personally used them for this purpose as have my wife and son. Another ringing endorsement comes from homeschoolers who use them extensively to augment their course work.
InstantCert: This is a fantastic tool, and at $20 per month is a deal. InstantCert has built a database of questions. By studying the questions - and associated answers - you quickly prepare for exams. Some people use this service exclusively but I recommend it in conjunction with text books and study guides. Why? Because I believe your education is about learning. The diploma is a piece of paper that confirms the education you received. InstantCert is a great tool to make sure you do great on exams, but you still learn a lot more if your main resource is a text book!

Standard Deviants: This is another great source of videos. They have done a great job breaking down the topics into the basics. They present (often) complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Where the Teaching Company videos are a complete course these are the Cliff Notes!

I highly recommend these videos and can personally attest to their quality. They were a godsend when I took calculus. I had not taken a math course in almost two decades. It quickly became clear that I needed to upgrade my pre-calc/trig fast or it would be a painful semester. Just watching a few videos was all I needed to be up to speed.

MIT Open Courseware: This is a fun site to explore. MIT has over 1900 courses available for free. Yes, that's right, free. What is the catch? You don't get any college credit. It's great for anyone wanting to just learn a subject or for someone looking for study material for examinations for credit.