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Whether you are active duty or a veteran, you have proudly served our country and now you are thinking of your future. You may want to advance in rank and need an edge. Perhaps you need a degree to apply for an officer program. Maybe you are near the end of your enlistment and want to prepare yourself for life in the civilian work force.

Do any of these scenarios fit you? Then we can help. We designed mycollgedegreefast to help people get the degree they need:

  • In the shortest amount of time.
  • For the least amount of money.
  • With the flexibility you need to work around your schedule.

What most people know is availabe...

You've heard all about the Associate degree programs available. While they are better than nothing, their impact on your long term earnings isn't significant.

This is compounded by the fact that many of the degree programs you hear about are Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS). What does this mean? It basically translates your military experience into college terms. While better than nothing, it does little to improve your ability to get a job or make more money.

Are there better degree programs available?

Better than the AAS or AOS degrees? Definitely! 

One challenge is that most college programs take a lot of time. One that I considered required me to go to class every other weekend (Friday - Sunday). This would have taken a lot of time away from my family, and it was almost impossible for me to get my command to work my schedule around school.

It's even worse if you try to go to traditional colleges. Even if you can get your command to let you off work to attend class, it will take years to earn your degree. If you have to transfer mid-degree, few colleges will accept all the credits. In these cases you often have to re-take a lot of classes.

Is there a better way?

There are several colleges that have strong military programs. The key is to find the right one and select the best degree program. The best also accept most of the credit your training has earned you (more on this later), significantly reducing the time it takes to earn your degree. In some cases, you can earn your Bachelor degree in under a year!

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Avoiding Scams

Another problem is scams. Sometimes these are diploma mills, charging you a fortune for a useless piece of paper. Other scams promise to help you pass the exams and earn your degree easily, all for a (not so) low low fee.

Yes, I realize we promise to help you earn your degree easier, faster, and for less money. The difference is that we base it on real schools, real techniques, and real world experience. We've done it ourselves (I earned my BS in Business before I got out of the Navy). We've helped others do it as well.

What do we offer?

  • Quick Start Guide:
  • Our guide book: This explains how to choose the degree program that's right for you. It includes what jobs you can expect (and their growth potential) in your chosen field. The book lays out the process of getting your degree from start to finish and includes tips on how to save time and money. We cover the best study resources and test taking techniques, and include the best resources to help you earn your degree.
  • Custom Roadmaps: Once you've read the guide book and decided on your degree, our roadmaps will help you chart your degree and make sure you stay on track. We've also built in a lot of trackers so you can - at a glance - see your GPA, how far you have gone, and what you have left.
  • Bonus materials: We've included a ton of resources to help you earn your degree. Some are designed to help with skills you'll need to do your best (ie...speed reading, time management, etc...). Others are software that will help you while going to school.
  • Online support: we provide you an online forum where you can go to get answers. You can share your experience and learn from those who have gone before you. Also, we're always involved to make sure your questions get answered!
And we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money no questions asked.

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