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Going Back to College

Maybe you weren't ready for college yet or you had to quit for family reasons. Some people dropped out to serve their country in the military or because it just cost too much!

Whatever the reason, 45% of college students never graduate.

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Seven Facts You Must Know Before Going Back to School

Several years have gone by and now you wish you had been able to finish your degree. Maybe you're tired of getting passed by for promotions. It could be that you are worried about your job and a degree will help keep your job secure. For some people it is just the feeling of worth and accomplishment that comes from earning your degree.

Traditional college isn't designed for adults

Campus life is built around teenage kids, not adults. Even if you don't have a family the traditional college experience isn't your cup of tea. Add in the lack of flexibility and high cost and it is hard for most adults to go back to college.

What most adults need are a school that will work with them to balance college, their job, and their family. This is where you run into problems most of the time. Most colleges don't understand that you can't go to class in the day. Most don't understand that you often have business trips or family conflicts.

Is there a better way?

There are schools out there that will work with you. Technology has also made advances that allow you to take almost any class without stepping foot on campus.

The Challenge is that for every good program out there you will find several scams (diploma mills). How do you find a legitimate school buried in all the junk?

Even if you avoid diploma mills you aren't home free. You now need to find the best program for the money. You also need to make sure you won't get hit with any surprises.

We have spent a decade in this field and have found the top programs for adults going back to college. We take the guesswork out so all you have to do is focus on earning your degree.

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