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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q) In your bookstore, I see all sorts of CLEP books. Does this mean that you prepare students to take CLEP exams to qualify for credits?

A) We don't provide the actual CLEP preparation but will show you the best resources to pass the exams. And by the way, CLEP is only one way to earn credits. I actually usually prefer DSST exams, and there are also exams by Excelsior and Thomas Edison.

Q) What accredited school are you associated with?

A) We didn't associate with any particular school but we do recommend one in particular. We are unbiased and based our recommendations on providing the best value, ease, and flexibility.

Q) Is this an actual degree program?

A) We don't provide the degree program. The degree is provided by top schools. What we do is provide the roadmap, advice, and tools. We also can show you how to use any credits you already have.

Q) Which universities/colleges will accept the transfer of credits earned through online university programs you recommend, and which universities/colleges will not accept those earned credits?

A) Each college has different requirements and will accept different credit sources. We recommend several colleges in particular that accept most credits from regionally accredited sources. We go over all this in depth in our book.

Q) Which businesses you know that employ graduates of online programs you recommend?

A) I have yet to find a business that won't accept the degree. It is from a regionally accredited college so is 100% legitimate. This isn't a case where you send in a check and get a (worthless) diploma. You earn a real college degree. You just go about it in a smarter way: faster, easier, more flexible, and for much less money.

Q) Do you know of any government office, in 50 states/DC, that employ graduates of those programs?

A) This is a regionally accredited degree and should be accepted by any and all government offices.

Q) I already have some college credit. How old can my credits be for them to still be valid?

A) This is entirely dependent on the school you attend. If you use our program and follow our advice the following are generally the case:

  • Business credits: 20 years from date of enrollment
  • IT, Electronics, Computer credits: 10 years from date of enrollment
  • Liberal Arts: generally no time limit from date of enrollment