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About Us

Brandt Smith has over 15 years in education. Unlike most education professionals much of his experience was learned first hand, not from a text book. He has been an instructor, was a certified curriculum developer for the US Navy, and has earned two bachelor degrees while working full time and raising a family. He has been using what he learned to help others save years of their time and thousands of dollars while earning their degree.

Laurie Smith has over a decade of experience in education. She has first hand experience with the challenges of earning your degree while having your hands full raising a family. She used the techniques from mycollgedegreefast  to earn her bachelor of science degree while managing our family and homeschooling our children. As a homeschooler Laurie has a unique perspective of the US education system and it's problems. Her mastery of alternative education techniques is evidenced in the progress of our kids, and the oldest is on his way to earning his bachelor of science degree before he turns 17.

We've learned over the years the best techniques and what to avoid. We've taken this and distilled it into mycollgedegreefast. Our mission is to help you earn your college degree quickly, easily, and for the least amount of money.